HSP40: Tables

Table 1: Human and mouse orthologs of Hsp40 (DnaJB1)

  Human Mouse
Entrez Gene 3337 81489
Ensembl ENSG00000132002 ENSMUSG00000005483
UniProt P25685 Q9QYJ3
Reference sequence (mRNA) NM_006145.2 NM_018808.2
Reference sequence (Protein) NP_006136.1 NP_061278.1
Gene locus Chr19:14,514,770-14,529,770 Chr 8:83,608,175-83,611,902
Pfam PF00226, PF00684, PF01556 PF00226, PF00684, PF01556


Table 2: HSP40s/DNAJs of various pro- and eukaryotic organisms

Gene Protein Aliases UniProt ID Gene ID
M. mazei
Type 1 (subfamily A)
dnaJ DnaJ Chaperone protein DnaJ, Hsp40, NP_634528.1 P0CW07 1480846
M. acetivorans
Type 1 (subfamily A)
dnaJ DnaJ Chaperone protein DnaJ, Hsp40, NP_616413.1 Q8TQR1 1473367
E. coli
Type 1 (subfamily A)
dnaJ DnaJ Hsp40, HspJ, HSP40, GroP P08622 944753
Type 2 (subfamily B)
cbpA CbpA Curved DNA-binding protein, YP_489273.1 P36659 12932265
Type 3 (subfamily C)
djlA DjlA DnaJ-like protein P31680 12932622
djlB DjlB J domain-containing protein DjlB, YP_488937.1 P77381 12930913
djlC DjlC J domain-containing protein DjlC, Hsc56 co-chaperone of HscC, YP_488940.1 P77359 12932384
hscB HscB Hsc20, DnaJ-like molecular chaperone-specific for IscU P0A6L9 12934043
S. cerevisiae
Type 1 (subfamily A)
YDJ1 Ydj1 Mas5, Mab3, type I Hsp40 co-chaperone YDJ1 P25491 855661
XDJ1 Xdj1 DnaJ homolog protein XDJ1, NP_013191.1 P39102 850779
APJ1 Apj1 J domain-containing protein APJ1, Ynl077w, NP_014322.1 P53940 855647
MDJ1 Mdj1 DnaJ homolog 1, mitochondrial; NP_116638.1 P35191 850530
SCJ1 Scj1 DnaJ-related protein SCJ1, NP_013941.2 P25303 855254
Type 2 (subfamily B)
SIS1 Sis1 SIS1, Sis-1, NP_014391.1 P25294 855725
DJP1 Djp1 DnaJ-like protein 1, peroxisome assembly protein 22 (Pas22), Ics1, NP_012269.1 P40564 854820
CAJ1 Caj1 CAJ1, NP_010967.3 P39101 856772
HLJ1 Hlj1 NP_013884.1, HLJ1 P48353 855196
Type 3 (subfamily C)
CWC23 Cwc23 Pre-mRNA-splicing factor CWC23, NP_011387.2, complexed with CEF1 protein 23 P52868 852749
ERJ5 Erj5 ER-localized J domain-containing protein 5, NP_116699.3 P43613 850602
SWA2 Swa2 Auxilin-like clathrin uncoating factor SWA2, bud site selection protein 24, synthetic lethal with ARF1 protein 2, NP_010606.1 Q06677 851918
SEC63 Sec63 Protein translocation protein SEC63, Sec62/63 complex 73 kDa subunit, Ptl1, Npl1, NP_014897.1 P14906 854428
PAM18 Pam18 Mitochondrial import inner membrane translocase subunit Tim14, NP_013108.1 Q07914 850694
MDJ2 Mdj2 Mitochondrial DnaJ homolog 2, NP_014071.1 P42834 855388
JAC1 Jac1 J-type co-chaperone JAC1, mitochondrial; J-type accessory chaperone 1, NP_011497.1 P53193 852866
JEM1 Jem1 DnaJ-like protein of the ER membrane 1, Kar-8, NP_012462.3 P40358 853372
JID1 Jid1 J domain-containing protein 1, NP_015386.1 Q12350 856174
JJJ1 Jjj1 J protein JJJ1, NP_014172.1 P53863 855495
JJJ2 Jjj2 J proptein JJJ2, NP_012373.2 P46997 853277
JJJ3 Jjj3 Diphthamide biosynthesis protein 4, Dph4, NP_012631.3 P47138 853560
ZUO1 Zuo1 Zuotin, DnaJ-related protein ZUO1, heat shock protein 40 homolog ZUO1, ribosome-associated complex subunit ZUO1, NP_011801.1 P32527 853202
JLP1 Jlp1 DnaJ-like protein, Jlp1p, NP_013043.1, alpha-ketoglutarate-dependent sulfonate dioxygenase A7A0K3Q12358 850669
JLP2 Jlp2 DnaJ-like protein 2, Jlp2p, NP_013851.1 P40206 855162
PAM16 Pam16 Mitochondrial import inner membrane translocase subunit Tim16, presequence translocated-associated motor subunit PAM16, Pam16p, NP_012431.1 P42949 853340
Type 1 (subfamily A)
DNAJA1 DnaJA1 HSDJ, DJ2, human DnaJ protein 2 (hDj-2), Hsj2, HSPF4, Hdj2, DjA1 P31689 3301
DNAJA2 DnaJA2 Dnj3, Dn3, HIRA-interacting protein 4, renal carcinoma antigen NY-REN-14, HIRIP4, DjA2 O60884 10294
DNAJA3 DnaJA3 Tid-1, hTID-1, hepatocellular carcinoma-associated antigen 57 (HCA57), Q96EY1 9093
DNAJA4 DnaJA4 Dj4, Hsj-4, MST104, MSTP104, PRO1472 Q8WW22 55466
Type 2 (subfamily B)
DNAJB1 DnaJB1 Hsp40, Hdj1, hDj-1, HSPF1, Sis1, RSPH16B P25685 3337
DNAJB2 DnaJB2 HSJ1, HSPF3, Hsj1, Dnajb10, mDj8, DSMA5 P25686 3300
DNAJB3 DnaJB3 Hcg-3, Hsj-3, Msj1, MSJ-1 Q8WWF6 414061
DNAJB4 DnaJB4 human liver DnaJ-like protein, HLJ-1, Hlj1, DjB4, Dnajw Q9UDY4 11080
DNAJB5 DnaJB5 Hsc40, Hsp40-2, Hsp40-3 O75953 25822
DNAJB6 DnaJB6 DJ4, DnaJ, HHDJ1, HSJ-2, Hsj2, LGMD1D, LGMD1E, Mrj, MSJ-1 O75190 10049
DNAJB7 DnaJB7 Dj5, HSC3, mDj5 Q7Z6W7 150353
DNAJB8 DnaJB8 DJ6, mDj6 Q8NHS0 165721
DNAJB9 DnaJB9 ER-resident protein ERdj4; Mdg1, mDj7 Q9UBS3 4189
DNAJB11 DnaJB11 ER-resident protein ERdj3, hDj9, PWP1-interacting protein 4, APOBEC1-binding protein 2 (ABBP-2), HEDJ Q9UBS4 51726
DNAJB12 DnaJB12 Dj10, mDj10 Q9NXW2 54788
DNAJB13 DnaJB13 testis spermatogenesis apoptosis-related gene 6/3 protein (Tsarg-6/-3), P59910 374407
DNAJB14 DnaJB14 ER-resident EGNR9427, PRO34683, FLJ14281 Q8TBM8 79982
Type 3 (subfamily C)
DNAJC1 DnaJC1 ER-resident protein ERdj1, MTJ1, Htj1, Dnajl1 Q96KC8 64215
DNAJC2 DnaJC2 M-phase phosphatase protein 11 (MPHOSPH11), M-phase phosphoprotein 11 (MPP11), zuotin-related factor 1 (Zrf1) Q99543 27000
DNAJC3 DnaJC3 ER-resident protein ERdj6, p58, Prkri, protein kinase inhibitor p58 (p58IPK) Q13217 5611
DNAJC4 DnaJC4 F2, multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 candidate protein number 18 Q9NNZ3 3338
DNAJC5 DnaJC5 cysteine string protein (Csp) alpha Q9H3Z4 80331
DNAJC5B DnaJC5B Csp-beta Q9UF47 85479
DNAJC5G DnaJC5G Csp-gamma Q8N7S2 285126
DNAJC6 DnaJC6 Auxilin, mKIAA0473, DjC6, Park19 O75061 9829
DNAJC7 DnaJC7 Dj11, mDj11, DjC7, tetratricopeptide repeat protein 2 (TPR2, mTpr-2) Q99615 7266
DNAJC8 DnaJC8 splicing protein spf31, Hspc315, Hspc331 O75937 22826
DNAJC9 DnaJC9 DnaJ protein SB73, HdjC9 Q8WXX5 23234
DNAJC10 DnaJC10 ER-resident protein ERdj5, macrothioredoxin (MTHr), JPD1 Q8IXB1 54431
DNAJC11 DnaJC11 dJ126A5.1, FLJ10737, RP1-126A5.3 Q9NVH1 55735
DNAJC12 DnaJC12 J-domain containing protein 1 (Jdp-1, mJDP1) Q9UKB3 56521
DNAJC13 DnaJC13 DNA J-domain containing protein Rme-8 (RME-8), mKIAA0678, Gm1124 O75165 23317
DNAJC14 DnaJC14 Hdj3, hDj-3, LYST-interactimng protein 6 (LIP6), dopamine receptor-interacting protein of 78 kDa (DRIP78, Drip-78) Q6Y2X3 85406
DNAJC15 DnaJC15 Dnajd1, cell growth-inhibiting gene 22 protein, methylation-controlled J protein(MCJ, Mcj) Q9Y5T4 29103
DNAJC16 DnaJC16 mKIAA0962 Q9Y2G8 23341
DNAJC17 DnaJC17 DnaJ homolog subfamily C member 17; C87112 Q9NVM6 55192
DNAJC18 DnaJC18 DnaJ homolog subfamily C member 18, AU041129 Q9H819 202052
DNAJC19 DnaJC19 mitochondrial import inner membrane translocase subunit 14 (TIM14, TIMM14) Q96DA6 131118
DNAJC20 DnaJC20 Jac1; Hsc20, HscB Q8IWL3 150274
DNAJC21 DnaJC21 Dnaja5, GS3, Jjj1 Q5F1R6 134218
DNAJC22 DnaJC22 Wus, wurst homolog (Wurst), AI506245 Q8N4W6 79962
DNAJC23 DnaJC23 ER-resident protein ERdj2, Sec63L, Dnajc23 Q9UGP8 11231
DNAJC24 DnaJC24 CSL-type zinc finger-containing protein 3 (ZCSL3), JJJ3, diphthamide biosynthesis protein 4 (DPH4, Dph-4), 1700030A21Rik Q6P3W2 120526
DNAJC25 DnaJC25 DnaJ homolog subfamily C member 25, bA16L21.2.1, 2010109C08Rik, 2010203O07Rik, Q9H1X3 548645
DNAJC26 DnaJC26 Cyclin-G-associated kinase (GAK), auxilin-2 O14976 2580
DNAJC27 DnaJC27 RBJ, RabJs, Ras-associated protein 1 (Rap‑1), Rab and DnaJ-domain containing protein Q9NZQ0 51277
DNAJC28 DnaJC28 C21orf55; C21orf78, Orf28, oculomedin Q9NX36 54943
DNAJC29 DnaJC29 Sacsin (spastic ataxia of Charlevoix-Saguenay), SPAX6, protein phosphatase 1, regulatory subunit 138, KIAA0730 Q9NZJ4 26278
DNAJC30 DnaJC30 Williams-Beuren syndrome chromosomal region 18 protein (WBSCR18) Q96LL9 84277